Unique Ways to Save Money

Personal finance is more than numbers and spread sheets. It is a way of life that can affect your standard of living and your bottom line. We have all struggled with budgets and savings programs, but this blog is dedicated to unique ways to save money and positively impact your personal finances. First and foremost is to save money. Literally, save your quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. Once you accumulate your stash of coins, take them to the nearest grocery store and convert them into folding money. You will be surprised how much money you accumulate without even trying. This will easily pay for a night out for dinner or a movie on the weekend.

Do you have a cat? Potty train your cat. No joke! It may seem crazy but you can do this with just a little patience and you can save quite a bit of money. The average cost of litter for one cast annually is $110. Do this over a 15 year lifespan and you have saved $1,615 and made your life easier to boot!

Women, invest in permanent makeup by tattoo. The average woman spends over $14,000 on makeup over her lifespan. A make-up tattoo can cost $200 to $800 one time ( eye-liner ) so the savings is considerable over a long period of time.

Paint your roof. About 1/6 of all energy costs escape through your roof. By painting your roof white you can safe approximately 20% of your home energy costs and the savings is compounded year after year.

Changing your diet from meat-eater to vegetarian is not only a healthy alternative, but a cost-savings alternative as well. Cost savings on food, health problems, and other health related benefits will reap huge financial savings.

Bigger is not always better. Downsize your home to something that meets your needs and not your ego. The savings are huge not only in the initial transaction, but the savings in upkeep, energy, maintenance and decorating is a huge financial boost.

Food shopping is best done on a full stomach. Never go to the grocery store hungry. Everything looks good and the chances you will make unplanned purchases are much greater.

Personal finances are affected by how we live. These ideas are just a few ways to save money by changing one’s lifestyle.

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