Mint is a Great Aid to Personal Budgeting

Budgeting is right up there with going to the dentist, visiting the mother-in-law and cleaning the garage. For most of us, it is a chore we put off as long as possible. When attempting to budget with your spouse, it is a great way to end up sleeping on the couch. While you may find greens fees as an integral part of any budget, your wife may opt for doing her nails or setting funds aside for spa days! A great way to take the sting out of this unappealing chore is to use the services of a budgeting online aid. In reviewing numerous offerings, Mint seems best to fit the bill.

Mint pulls all your financial accounts into one place. It keeps things simple and streamlined. It can definitely make your life easier by giving you the big picture. It can incorporate checking accounts, internet savings accounts, investments, retirement accounts, college accounts and many more variables. This service also has free mobile apps that can be convenient and allow you to track your money while on the go.

Reaching financial goals is simply much easier if you set a plan and stick to it. Mint allows you to set goals and stay up-to-date with weekly reminders and monthly email updates. This site also offers free financial advice and tips on how to save faster. It prompts you to consider the next step towards financial security.

A key concern for many people is the plethora of online scams and attempts to steal one’s identity by garnering personal data. Mint alleviates these concerns because they use 128-bit SSL encryption which is the same security that banks use widely. All your data is protected by VeriSign and TRUSTe. Remember, Mint is a read-only process so no money can be moved or reallocated. With over 7 million users already, this site has a proven track record. It even alerts you if any large purchases are made or unusual activity is determined.

Personal budgeting is not fun, but using a great aid like Mint can take the sting out of this chore.

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